Oriental garden

Oriental garden.

The main components of Oriental garden. The main component of Oriental garden is the natural philosophy, the balance of inner […]

Asian garden

Asian garden.

The main principles of Asian garden. The Eastern traditions always attract attention of the designers from the whole world. The […]

Japanese tea garden

Japanese tea garden.

The general characteristics of Japanese tea garden. The formation of Japanese tea ceremony originates in the traditions of Ancient China […]

Rock garden

Rock garden.

Philosophical significance of the rock garden. The Japanese rock garden is often called “Zen garden”, and not without reason. The […]

Japanese garden

Japanese garden.

Unique landscape style of Japanese garden. The landscape gardening of Japan, more than anything else, shows the original ideal attitude […]

China garden

China garden.

The peculiarities of China garden. Chinese garden art is a vivid example of originality and singularity of the Eastern culture. […]